Aaron Josh Vietvu: Welcome Into My Mind Ashley Linder: Keeper Derrick Saenz: Worn Evan Villaflor: GleEtch, a Political Glitch Art Video Jecky Xiong: Sound Pulse Luan Lee: Are You Alright? Rianna Nandan: Creature Toni Anguiano: Mother's Sacrifice
Andy Wu: All Together Now Ashley Rose: Beneath Eddson Jose: Cosmoscopic Hao Rong: Fall Alan Garcia Ruiz: Dont't Forget Chupicuaro Yinghong Yuan: You Are Being Watch Now Ryan Allen: Two of a Kind Vanna Dao: Psycle
Anthony Sokry: Online Persona Berenice Cortes: Unbreakable Edward Ham: Discord at 4am Jacob Tran: Open Park Kelvin Dizon: CoExist Natalie Bellido: Precious Memories Savannah Singh: Finale Vinita Kulkarni: Exhausted
Anthony Valdovinos: Nuve Nacirema Daniel Balducci: Hitori Emilio Lopez: Hello User... Jason Manzon: Parallax Linyi Song: A Short Dream Rachel Morales: Quarantine Feelings Talea Rendon: Electric Waves Yun Che Hsieh: Hunger

Dreamscape Description:

Rather than focusing on what is not possible during this time of uncertainty, Dreamscape emphasizes the potential for the emergence of new and diverse ideas as we adapt to the global pandemic.

Though the work is diverse in many ways, all projects are a testament to our capacity to overcome obstacles and dream of new ways-of-being. Our projects consist of a variety of topics which include identity, social issues, mental health, and much more. Some of the mediums our projects encompass are data visualization, visual and auditory experience, digital paintings, digital video, virtual space, game, and web art.

Visit the Dreamscape Exhibition in New Art City here: New Art City

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